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Titan golf balls conform to USGA and R&A rules

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Quantity (Dozens)

A cast urethane cover for an extra soft feel with the short irons, and a high compression for those of you who have a fast swing and are not afraid to use it.

Fancy yourself a spin doctor? The soft Urethane cover helps this ball deliver higher spin performance on short iron and wedge shots, allowing the skilled golfer pinpoint accuracy and increased greenside control with plenty of bite.

There is no compromise on distance as the 3-piece construct and shallow 382 dimple pattern are designed to reduce drag and promote piercing higher flight trajectories off the tee. Just don’t forget breakfast because you’ll need it to bring that fast swing with you.

Softer feel and touch, maximum greenside spin control, and a ferocious bite to boot. Seriously, is there anything this material can’t do?